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Fish, Salmon (cooked)

Serving size of 30z (85g) salmon fish has 0.300 mg vitamin B1, which is 21% of the daily vitamin B1 recommendations (RDA) for lactating women. 1/2 fillet (155g) supply 38% of vitamin RDA.

Serving of 1/2 fillet (155g) of salmon fish  is also a good source of other priority 1 nutrients for lactating women, such as vitamin B12, DHA fatty acid (omega 3), and selenium.

% Vitamin daily requirement while breastfeeding (serving size: 1/2 fillet (155g))
B1 38%
Vitamin B12 - 313%
% Weekly recommended DHA requirement while breastfeeding (1/2 fillet (155g)
DHA 100%

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