Know your breastfeeding is OK

A milk sensing device to track your breastfeeding and prevent low milk supply

With just a few drops of milk, get immediate feedback, and be proactive about your breastfeeding success.

Starting from the first days after birth.

Establishing Breastfeeding is a learning process

By the baby & mother, and physiologically by the mother’s body

Not having enough milk is the main reason that mothers report causing them to stop breastfeeding before they desire.
This is preventable.

Mylee motivates you to reach your breastfeeding goals, by becoming AWARE of YOUR breastmilk establishment.

Scan your milk. Track your breastfeeding. Get personal insights

Mylee - Navigate your breastfeeding informatively

  • See your milk supply progress real time​
  • First objective bio-feedback on YOUR breastfeeding​
  • See differences between breasts, and balance your supply
  • Early reassurance cues of breastfeeding adequacy​
  • Early identification of a risk for low milk supply ​
  • Personalized guidance based on YOUR milk and routine​

Science backed, Patent pending technology.

Mylee device is sensing the electrochemichal properties of a tiny human milk sample. This information is then transmitted to your smartphone App, and is processed by MyMilk cloud-based algorithm for computing milk sample status and generating personal insights and alarms.

How Mylee works

Insert 6 drops of your milk into the mylee milk chamber, for immediate feedback on your breastfeeding progress
Enhance your personal insights, with daily tasks, tips & quizzes 
Daily personal reassurance, tips, alarms and progress visualization.
Share your unique report with  a professional. Get evidence-based guidance. Connect with alike mothers for personal advice

Lactation consultants have used Mylee to scan hundreds of mothers, this is what they say:

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MyLee system and insights are not intended to diagnose or treat any clinical condition, or to substitute for a healthcare provider’s consultation.
These reports are not intended to tell you anything about your or your baby’s current state of health, or to be used to make medical decisions, including whether or not you should take a medical treatment or how much of a medication you should take. Our insight can help you monitor and manage your breastfeeding care and to identify early cases of potential low milk supply, and provide suggestions for improving the breastfeeding mom’s care. It is advised to consult with a lactation consultant or a medical health provider about your reports. Herbal supplements or medication should not be taken without consulting with a physician.