Early testing community reviews

What moms say about MyLee?

Early testing community members get the Mylee system for assessing their breastfeeding effectivity and milk supply establishment, visualize progress and get support. Each mother in her unique journey.


I got my MyLee when I was pregnant and first used the system already at the hospital (less than 24 hours after my son was born)

It really helped me at the early stages of breast feeding and the newborns life, reassuring me my son is well fed.

I continued to use the device and App because It helped me keep track after my baby’s development and my breastfeeding.

USER STORY//Meital Meshulam

I ordered the system when I was pregnant. The videos were really helpful already in the first days at the hospital, to know how to latch my baby correctly, and also fixing little mistakes that I did like giving a pacifier early. I started milk scanning after I got home from the hospital with my baby. From the info I entered on my breastfeeding I got answers that helped me improve, and I also got support from the team regarding any questions. I warmly recommend it!

Mylee is a wonderful idea and App, and was very helpful in my personal journey into breastfeeding and milk producing. Thank you!
First time mom
This device meets my expectations, was very useful and helpful in my fight for breastfeeding. The App was very simple to use.
First time mom
I loved the tips and insights generated daily. They were accurate and tuning. The system identified very efficiently an inflammation episode that occurred in my breast! Amazing!
mom to 3 & Lactation support
Since I’m not breastfeeding (pumping) the system helped me see that the milk establishment matches my babies age, and that the values are good. It was very reassuring
Pumping mother
An amazing system that can be useful to so many women, in my case it was wonderfully useful in the first days when I have a delay in milk production, and it helped me with an estimate of milk production from each breast and recommended what breast I should breastfeed more from so I could generate balance. Additionally, the system will be amazing helping mainly first- time breastfeeding mothers, that lack breastfeeding experience, as this period is so full of uncertainty this amazing device comes in and gives her a boost, reflecting the condition and what should be improved if any. Additionally, having a lactation professional on board is so right and needed
A second time mom & Lactation consultant

Delphine & Nina

First time mom

Anastasia & Maya

Firsttime mom

Hila & Barry

Mom of 3


Before my second birth I decided to try the device for several reasons, the first was that I’m a lactation consultant myself, and it was very interesting for me to explore and experience the system so I will know to give best first hand recommendations to my patients. The second reason was because of my own breastfeeding experience with my firstborn girl, where I had a delay in milk production and problematic breastfeeding initiation period, and I wanted to prevent it this time around.

I first used the system when we came home 3 days after birth. I didn’t use the device a lot, but every time I have used it was very helpful, the device is easy to use and gave me exactly the information I was looking for about our breastfeeding, and the App was very informative and encouraging! 

I used the device according to my needs, for instance when I suspected lower milk supply in one of my breasts and the device confirmed it, and the App provided tips and insights on how to balance my supply and take care of this issue. Also, when milk establishment was not in line with the expected according to the time after birth, it helped me to form a decision about having my baby’s tongue tie released. To mothers I say – Breastfeeding is a whole world, don’t give up and get all the help and support around you.


Breastfeeding doesn’t come easy to everyone and requires some work, determination, and most importantly asking for help and advice and knowing you are not alone in this journey. I ordered the MyLee when I was pregnant. My baby was born premature and it was really important to me to breastfeed even though it was hard for her to latch. I first used the MyLee when I came back from the hospital a week after my baby was born, and I kept using the device and App because I was breastfeeding with a silicone nipple and wasn’t sure my baby is getting what she needs from me. The MyLee App helped me track my baby’s growth and my milk production.

I think it's extremely unique and useful to be able to scan your milk to better understand the quality and maturation of it. Being able to track your milk production is a mind blowing concept and I felt at ease knowing what's going on with my milk production during the first month, while establishing my breastfeeding. The device and app were extremely beneficial to me about a week or two into the process as I was trying to figure out my breastfeeding regime
It gave me a good indication of how the first days and weeks of breastfeeding are progressing
Was accurate. Very easy to use both device and App, effortless
It was reassuring to see what my milk status was in the first few days of nursing
The system encouraged me to breastfeed, unlike my previous births
The App and Videos gave me great indication to how good is my breastfeeding, especially in the first days and already at the hospital. The data I added generated responses that through them I understood what I should change / doing wrong and today breastfeeding is going great
second time mom

Moms tell us the system helped them to identify early trends of:

Low milk supply
Differences between breasts
Breast inflammation

and helped them to aviod unwanted outcomes and improved their breastfeeding success, confidence and control

Talya & Liora

Aviv & Nir

First time mom

Esty & NogaTimor

mom of 2

USER STORY//Delphine Aboohi

I got my MyLee two months before birth and I first used the MyLee when My sweet little baby was 2 days old. First days might seem hard but nursing is the best thing you could do for yourself and for your baby! I truly believe in science and of course I encourage nursing. Using science to help me to nurse better just works perfect! The MyLee App helped me to continue nursing even if the first weeks were hard and my baby was so small that I needed to weigh her every week. The app helped me also to follow her weight!


I got my MyLee when I was at the end of my pregnancy and I first used the MyLee when my baby was 1 day old. The MyLee App helped me gain confidence in breastfeeding, I continued to use the device and App because I wanted to know if my milk progress is ok.

It took a while to figure out how to operate the system, but once I understood it was very accessible. I loved that I can either test each breast separately, or to have a mix between sides to understand in one breast is more nutritive than the other
I was very happy to know there is such a product at first and It was very helpful. All the information I needed was in one place
I loved how easy the scanning device use is! I felt very supported by the team at all times and I really appreciate the availability. I feel like I should have learned how to use some of the extra features of the app probably before giving birth and using it, it was harder for me to delve into it after having the baby around
I liked the idea of the sensor and the data I got from it. Like the information such as that the baby has enough diapers or how many times he should breastfeed each day. Unfortunately I added less information than I would want to.
An Amazing device that really gives an indication on milk supply and breastfeeding quality. I warmly recommend it
It was nice to get a feedback about breastmilk establishment


I ordered the system when I was pregnant and got my MyLee when I gave birth to twins. I first used the MyLee when we got back from the hospital and I continued to use the device and App because I wanted to see the progress of my milk. I Also wanted to contribute something and be a part of something good that can help other moms. The MyLee App helped me Keep track of my progress. As a mom of twins, that breastfed them both, I think that using the app gives you some kind of confidence that you are on the right track. Breastfeeding can be simple and flowing, but it can also be challenging, so having something to motivate you in both scenarios is very important. I enjoyed using the system as it is simple and convenient to the user. It gave me peace of mind knowing my milk is mature and good for my twins. I thank you guys for letting me be part of this.

The app gave me the “approval” that breastfeeding is going well, and it is so much fun. Delightful!
The device helped me to follow milk supply every now and then
The device is reliable and easy to use, I believe that in the situation after my previous breastfeeding it would have been much more useful as I struggled over two months with breastfeeding establishment and pain. Overall good product and great support.
At large, I enjoyed using the product, it is intuitive and looks good visually
The tests enabled me to get an indication about the milk, indeed I got to 100% fast and it gave me self confidence about breastfeeding. Unfortunately, I didn’t have time to test every day, or fill additional questionnaires daily, so I don’t have an ordinary tracking
The system meets the needs of a breastfeeding mother, and gives detailed explanations
I loved everything about it
Give your breastfeeding a better start


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Early professional testing group reviews

What lactation professionals say?

Lactation consultants joined our early professional testing group and used the LC- facing system in their routine practice, with over 700 mothers

As this period is so full of uncertainty this amazing device comes in and gives the mother a boost, reflecting the condition and what should be improved if any. Additionally, having a lactation professional on board is so right and needed
It became a valuable tool in my work, especially when everything is going well, but not less important, in cases where I have concerns for mother milk production status, and the new tool is the source of reassurance or reflect the actual state.
A decision support tool that assist in manifesting to the patient of the milk status in a clear and understandable manner. It helps to evaluate the amount of efforts needed to be implemented in order to augment milk quantities, in case of low milk supply.
Great tool that support my evaluation of the mother, and it helps me to create a more accurate work plan
It is science fiction that became a reality! I also loved the weight gain tracking feature
It gives numerical indication to the mother. It assists her to get another view of the status. It can show her the progress
It gives validity to my work as a lactation consultant! I feel that by using the device I give better professional support, which is based on a scientific objective monitoring tool
The device confirms my diagnosis, and sometimes it identifies a concern before it notable to me, so we can work and augment milk production earlier.
This is an additional tool that I have to support my work while helping mothers. It generates feedback that address the most basic concern of any new mom
It helps to objectively monitor milk coming in. Sometimes it’s difficult to obtain a large enough sample from early colostrum, other than that the system is perfect, and your professional support and huge knowledge is an integral part of the success of the product and its implementation.
From my own experience with the system with my 3rd baby, the system identified my inflammation right from the first day it initiated, as a professional, the device helped me identify it and manage it very early. For any new mother, even if a lactation consultant is with her, it is difficult to identify the initiation of inflammation. The device can certainly save the mother from breast inflammation in early and critical phases of breastfeeding
Lactation consultant & Mom User
I helped a mother several times to get out from the mess of low milk supply when receiving borderline reads by the MyLee. As a consequence of using the system, we introduced more pumping sessions, and then longer pumping session, and I think that if we wouldn’t use the MyLee early we might have needed to work much harder in order to sustain milk supply requirements. For a new mom that is already pumping and tube feeding around the clock this is super critical.
The tool targets the basic concerns of any new mother, and it give them reassurance regarding their own milk supply progress, or reflects the actual state to work with.
It is another tool in my professional toolbox, and most moms love it. To my opinion, I am perceived as more professional when using it.
Extremely beneficial. It reassures my feeling and suspicions
It Gives feedback to the breastfeeding mom on her current status, and a feedback to the lactation consultant how to better plan the breastfeeding management.
It supports my clinical decisions, and helps to get feedback on the amount of efforts needed to increase milk supply.


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