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Cereals, fortified (ready to eat)

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Serving size of 1cup (28g) Cereals, fortified (ready to eat) has 150mcg-700mcg “true” vitamin A (retinol) which is 11-54% of the daily vitamin RDA for lactating women.

Cereals, fortified (ready to eat) can also be a good source for other priority 1 nutrients for lactating women such as Vitamin B6, Vitamin B12, Vitamin B1, Vitamin B2, and vitamin E. 

The vitamin content in each specific cereal can very largely, so pay attention to the manufacture food label for details. 

% Vitamin daily requirement while breastfeeding (serving size: 1cup (28g))
"True" vitamin A (retinol) (11-54% of RDA)
A 11%
Vitamin B12 (53%-222% of RDA)
B12 53%
Vitamin B6 (20-180% of RDA)
B6 20%
Vitamin E (0-71% of RDA)
Vitamin B1 (28-107% of RDA)
B1 28%
Vitamin B2 (25-106% of RDA)
B2 25%

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