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Hi, I'm MyLeee

Your trusted companion throughout the first weeks of breastfeeding

By inserting just several milk drops into the device daily, and app interaction, you can see your day-to-day progress and get personal tips. 


Thank you for joining our closed beta community for the Mylee!! 🎉
A milk scanner is shipped according to your due date, but you can start your registration to the Mylee App before it arrives. YES, even now, before birth.
The first days to weeks after birth are SUPER important for good breastfeeding establishment and milk production. The Mylee app and device helps you stay on top of your own process. We hope you will enjoy using the Mylee.

🎯 Your Goal is to reach 100% maturation within the first 3 weeks after birth. You can do it!!


It may seem complicated at first, but device scanning is quite simple.
– Go to mymilk scan on My Day screen (Tap on right/Left scan circle)
– Scan your milk via the device
– Log the numbers on the device screen (if 10x appears, add a 0)
– Get your result and insights on My Insight Screen

You can add more information on My day screen- about your breastfeeding, pain, baby weights and MORE. The more information you provide , the more informative the isight becomes for your breastfeeding practice.
At My Day screen you will also have daily TIPS and educational videos for breastfeeding establishment practices, changing daily, from the first day after birth! do not miss these!!!
Go to to read more on how to perform a scan and how to use the App, and to get step by step instructions.
Once you will start to ‘play’ with the App it will become simple. 


The MyLee App is available on the Apple App Store. You can reach the Mylee App on the App Store via this LINK, by scanning the QR code, or by searching “MyLee” on the App store search.

You should install it NOW, and start the registration step before birth, but if you are still pregnant please STOP at baby’s birth info, and complete this step only after birth.

Baby’s birth information is registered only AFTER birth, as you need to Log your baby birth Date and hour accurately (Do NOT log your due date).
It is recommended to start using the App in the first days after birth. actually you can start using the App even before you get the MyLee device, to get educational videos, and daily tips on good breastfeeding practices. 

On your first scan you need to register your scanner number via the App. 
The number appears on your scanner and in the back of your welcome spec sheet. Don’t worry, this is done only once.
Then…….START scanning YOUR breast milk samples, and reveal your status and progress.  Go to MyDay Screen and Tap right/Left scan circle.
You can start scanning from the first day after birth. 

You only need a tiny sample. Early and frequent hand expression is a technique for early breast stimulation for improving milk production. 

It is recommended to scan milk before breast-feeding or at least an hour after your last breastfeeding ended (and not right after breastfeeding session). Scan each breast separately. 

Important: Make sure the inner chamber is filled and the milk emerges through the slit. 
Take a good look on the number on the device screen window- if it shows a small X10 , you need to add a zero to the number when you record it in the App.

Wash the milk sensing part of the MyLee scanner under running tap water between and after reads, tap gently on a paper towel to make sure NO drops are left in the milk sample chamber (this is very important!).   

This is a dynamic process – it is advice to perform daily scans for the first two weeks, and every 2-3 days when advancing in the process.   

READ MORE on our scanner user guide 


Let us know if you have ANY question or if you encounter a problem.  
You can also text us directly via the App screen on my care team, and we will guide you accordingly.
Join our closed facebook group for the testing communitywhere moms can openly ask any question regarding the system use, their results, and breastfeeding. Take a look at previous posts, they will help you through your first uses. Lactation consultant experienced with this system is also part of this closed group.

So if you want to get feedback on YOUR breastmilk establishment status and track YOUR progress, go ahead and try it out!


For more information on the scanner and the App, go to:  
Ravid Shechter

Ravid Shechter

Co founder of MyMilk Labs, life science doctor (PhD), and an avid breastfeeding mother

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