Early testing community. MyMIlk Scanner user guide for moms. version Jan2020

Collect a small breast milk sample (about 0.3ml), by hand expression, for scanning.

* Each breast should be sampled and scanned separately.

* It is recommended to collect the sample before breastfeeding and not directly after feeding.

* Milk can be collected directly into the scanner chamber, or through a clean spoon or container. Do not let sample wait in an open container as it can evaporate and reduce reliability of the scan.

* It is recommended to screen fresh samples! If needed, the sample can be kept up to 2h in RT in a closed container. If scanning refrigerated sample, (it is very important to bring the sample to room temperature before scan).

* In the first hours after birth – and in the first two days it may be difficult for you to collect the minimum sample volume. In such case you can either combine several attempts, or mix right and left samples.

If you use any nipple cream, wipe ointment leftovers from the nipple and wash with running water, before milk collection.

Do NOT dip the scanner in a feeding container.

• Place the device horizontally on a clean surface with the power button and display panel facing up. Turn-on the MyMilk Scanner, by pressing the On button on the scanner device.

Insert the milk sample into the milk sample chamber (slowly).

Make sure that the inner sensing chamber is filled (when the sample emerges through the slit in the milk sensing chamber). If the sensing chamber is not filled, the result will not correctly represent the sample.
* Colostrum can stick to the walls of the sample chamber, and you may need to gently agitate the scanner in order for the liquid to glide into the inner chamber. Make sure the sample emerges through the slit in the sensing chamber.

• Before Recording the measurement, wait about 3 seconds until the number stabilizes.

• Take a good look on the screen when you take a measurement. In some cases (specially in early milk, but not only), you will have x10 mark in the screen. This means you need to add a zero to the number you record in the App (e.g. to the example shown, record 1200, and not 120).

• In the App, go to My Day screen, and press right/Left scan ⃝     task, and Record the value on the screen at the My Scan screen. SAVE the reading.

• A milk sample should be read from each breast separately.
Wash chamber between reading under running water as instructed below. Make SURE to dry well, with NO drop leftovers. Repeat on all steps for the other side.

• Go to My Insights screen to get your milk maturation status and insights.

• Discard milk sample to sink, and wash chamber as instructed below with tap water only (Do Not use soap, or hot water). Do not let the milk stay in the chamber, it may dry and affect your device accuracy.
Do not use the milk sample that was used by the scanner for any use, Do not feed with this sample.

If the number on the scanner do not stabilize it may indicate some problems. Few causes can be: too small sample size, bubbles, non-homogenized sample, sample not in room temperature, chamber leaking. Tray again and control these factors. If this is small jumps of the last digit this is OK.

Still not working? follow our troubleshooting guide, or contact us directly via the My Care Team Screen > MyMilk Tech support (opens chat).

Device is intended for multiple use, and need to be washed between samples, and after each use.

Do not let milk sample stand in the chamber.
Flash the milk sampling chamber under running Tap water. Use slow flow, and let the water stream enter the milk sample window and leave the sensing chamber via the sample strip.
* Do NOT use soap, or hot water
* Avoid wetting the Scanner itself.

Make sure that there are no drops of water in the measuring chamber by tapping lightly on drying paper or a clean towel. It is important that no water drops remain in the sampling chamber for the next measurement. Drops of water in the sensing chamber will lead to incorrect measurement.

When finished, repeat washing and drying, turn off the device, and leave it to dry on a clean surface for the next measurement.
Do not disassemble parts.
Your kit includes reference liquid for periodical checkup of the device. There is no need for routine check. In case of needs, you will instruct to perform a scan of the reference liquid. If performed Do NOT record the result in your App– Just share the value with MyMilk Support via the Appchat My Care Team Screen, and MyMilk team will check it with you.
  • Avoid contact of device with mother’s nipple, and do not dip the device to a feeding container. Do not use milk that was in contact with the scanner parts for any use.
  • Keep children and infants out of reach.
  • Keep the device shut down, in room temperature, in a dry safe place (don’t keep a wet device in a closed bag/box) .
  • Protect it from falling, as it will break.
  • Do not insert anything to the device chamber except to human milk or tap water.
  • Do not disassemble, repair, or modify the device yourself.
  • Avoid exposures to liquids. Do not wet the device. Only the milk sampling chamber is intended for liquid contact.
  • Do NOT sterilize the device or its parts. Do not expose it to boiled water. Do not try to clean the device with soap or anything else. Use only running tap water soon after scanning.
  • You can carry it with you, in a closed bag, protected from damage. Do not leave it in the car. Avoid direct sunlight or liquid.
  • The device contains low voltage batteries. Insufficient battery capacity affects the function and the accuracy of the measure. QA Check designed to monitor device performance.

JUST CONTACT US IF YOU HAVE ANY CONCERN via the App chat at My Care Team screen, or via



Read our troubleshooting guide for common issues with the scanner or the App. We are working hard to improve it, but in the mean time…