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Meet MyLee

A milk sensing device and App, for personal feedback on milk supply establishment, and guidance throught the first weeks of breastfeeding

By inserting just several milk drops into the device daily, and app interaction, you can see your day-to-day progress and get personal tips.

The MyLee is in beta testing. You can join! 

Dr. Ravid Shechter interview, Femtech Collective

Happy to be featured by Femtech collective, and discuss MyMilk, the MyLee development, and our Femtech entrepreneurial journey.  

Great being a part of the global FemTech community

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At MyMilk, we improve the health and wellbeing of new mothers and their babies through direct breast-milk sensing. We developed the Mylee device, a hand held device and mobile health app, that enables a mother, for the first time ever, to get immediate feedback about her breastfeeding process and breast-milk production, by scanning just a few drops of her own milk. We get amazing feedback, like “you saved my breastfeeding”, so it really makes it all worthwhile.

Part of overcoming challenges is knowing your reason why, she says, “We have realized there is a huge vacuum when it comes to tools helping new mothers cope with the challenges of breastfeeding. In the first decades of the 20th century, when medical technologies evolved steeply, women’s needs were not only generally underserved, but also most mothers did not breastfeed, so breastfeeding was basically neglected from advanced diagnostics and advance care. Now we are in exciting times, when breastfeeding rates are high and rising, as the benefits of breastfeeding are well understood, and technology allows us to generate valuable tools for supporting mothers in achieving their goals. As breastfeeding is a significant endeavor for over 100 million mothers every year, and has the potential to impact the lives and health of 100% of future population, we are driven by the potential impact of our solutions.

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Ravid Shechter

Ravid Shechter

Co founder of MyMilk Labs, life science doctor (PhD), and an avid breastfeeding mother

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