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Hi, I'm MyLeee

Your trusted companion throughout the first weeks of breastfeeding

By inserting just several milk drops into the device daily, and app interaction, you can see your day-to-day progress and get personal tips. 

My First Scan

It is recommended to start scanning in the first days after birth, and as early as possible. The first days are supper important to breastfeeding establishment and milk supply setup, so the sooner you become aware of your own progress the better. Do not worry ‘to waist’ milk drops. Hand expression and breast emptiness in the early hours and days are actually recommended and shown to promote milk supply.  sooooo, start scan from the first days after birth. Do not miss your early feedback!
Ready to perform your first milk scan and to reveal your status? Lets Start!!image.png


ACTIVATE YOUR SCANNER. Enter to MyLee App (Drop icon), and Go to @MyDay screen, Tap MyMilk Scan (right/Left).  At your first scan you will need to log your Scanner Barcode. Register your device barcode and press Apply (Your device barcode apears in the kit spec and on the scanner). Do not worry, it is done only once, at activation. Once activated, it will bring you to My Scan screen to record your milk scan result.

SCAN YOUR MILK. Place a half teaspoon of breast milk sample into the chamber (Each Breast is screened separately). Make sure the inner sensing chamber is filled and the milk becomes visible through the filling of the slit. Wait 5 seconds until number stabilizes on the scanner screen.

RECORD THE SCAN. Go to right/Left scan task  @MyDay screen, it takes you to @MyScan screen to record the scan. Record the value by the scale or by taping the number. Take a good look at the scanner screen- If x10 appears, add a zero to the recorded number. Don’t press the link in blue, the current device sent to our community is not connected via bluetooth. Save the read. 

Repeat the same with the other breast side. Go to @My Insights screen to get your milk maturation status and insights.

WASH. Between measurements, and after use, flush the tip of the device- the milk sampling chamber- under tap water. Avoid wetting the Scanner itself. Tap lightly on drying paper to remove water drops from the sensing chamber. It is VERY importent to make sure there is no drop lefted in the chamber- this will harm the realibility of the next read.


Insert a half a teaspoon of milk into the milk sensor


Make sure the milk fills the internal space and apears in the slit


Press the button (It is OK if it is already ON)

Record the number on the screen
If you see 10X, add a zero (0) to the recorded number


From mom experience with milk scaning at the first days after birth, it is advice to :

  1. Make sure the milk sample fill the sensing chamber, and milk fill up the slit.
  2. Make sure there are no water drops leftovers in the milk chamber, by slight sharing and taping of the device on a clean towel or drying paper.
  3. Sometimes in the first days the milk is more sticky, and you may need to shake a bit the device to pass the milk sample into the sensing cavity. Again, very important to make sure the slit is filled by milk.
  4. In the first days usually, near the value on the screen apears in small 10x, so you need to add zero to the number recorded.

So if you want to get feedback on YOUR breastmilk establishment status and track YOUR progress, go ahead and try it out!


At My Day screen you will also have daily TIPS and educational videos for breastfeeding establishment practices, from leading breastfeeding centers. And they changing daily, fit to your stage, from the first day after birth! Moms love them. Do not miss these!!! 

You can also add more information on My day screen- about your breastfeeding Latch score & confidence, breast pain, baby weights, diapers, pumping and MORE. NO Need to fill it all! Not at all. BUT, the more information you provide , the more informative the insights at @My Insights screen become for YOUR breastfeeding practice.
Try it. Play with It. Really. Once you will start to ‘play’ you will get more familar with it.  


Let us know if you have ANY question or if you encounter a problem. You can send an email, or text us directly via the App screen on my care team, and we will guide you accordingly.
Join our closed facebook group for the testing communitywhere moms can openly ask any question regarding the system use, their results, and breastfeeding. Take a look at previous posts, they will help you through your first uses. Lactation consultant experienced with this system is also part of this closed group.

For more information on the scanner and the App, go to:  

Ravid Shechter

Ravid Shechter

Co founder of MyMilk Labs, life science doctor (PhD), and an avid breastfeeding mother

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