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Hi, I'm MyLeee

Your trusted companion throughout the first weeks of breastfeeding

By inserting just several milk drops into the device daily, and app interaction, you can see your day-to-day progress and get personal tips. 

I got an ORANGE index. What does it mean?

It’s time to be proactive.

If you had a scan and the milk maturation index is colored in Orange it may indicate that you should consult with lactation consultant, F2F, that will evaluate baby’s attachment, suckling, and latching, will help you understand better how you can improve your technique, introduce pumping, and build a working plane.

Orange index may in fact indicate that you still have the ability to work on your breastfeeding, drive the process, and to fully achieve your breast milk production potential, and to improve your milk supply and quantities.

HOW? By making sure the breastfeeding is efficient, improving attachment, evaluating if feeding is indeed by demand (giving up pacifier, increasing skin-to-skin contact, night breastfeeding), and according to lactation consultant recommendation, introducing hand expressions or breast pumping after or between breastfeeding.

Get % milk maturationa
with a color index,
for each breast separately
Get your best scan
index for today, with a color.
Get text insights
about your scan result,
and get personal goals.

And if my result is GREEN, does it means that everything Is OK?

There is no magic test , there is no field that one result can indicate that ALL is fine.

When the result is constently green for the first weeks after birth, and only if the scanner usage was done correctly, and as long there is other indications for good breastfeeding (such as diaper counts, Baby is calm & developed, and good weight gain), the result is a nother indication that your breastfeeding is advancing in the expected rate comparing to breastfeeding of other women with good and effective breastfeeding.

And what if the result is green, but there are other indications that may point of a problem, such as low number of wet diapers, or slow weight gain?  The system in any case can not replace direct evaluation with lactation consultant, nurse or a doctor, the system can be wrong, you may use it unproperly, or it may indicate on other special cases, such as hypoplasyia .  


Let us know if you have ANY question or if you encounter a problem. You can send an email, or text us directly via the App screen on my care team, and we will guide you accordingly.
Join our closed facebook group for the testing communitywhere moms can openly ask any question regarding the system use, their results, and breastfeeding. Take a look at previous posts, they will help you through your first uses. Lactation consultant experienced with this system is also part of this closed group.
Ravid Shechter

Ravid Shechter

Co founder of MyMilk Labs, life science doctor (PhD), and an avid breastfeeding mother

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