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Meet MyLee

A milk sensing device and App, for personal feedback on milk supply establishment, and guidance throught the first weeks of breastfeeding

By inserting just several milk drops into the device daily, and app interaction, you can see your day-to-day progress and get personal tips.

The MyLee is in beta testing. You can join! 

MyMilk was selected to take part in the 1st FemTech Lab Accelerator

MyMilk was selected to take part in the 1st FemTech Lab Accelerator

A12-week program, designed specifically for the FemTech sector, and is focoused on Go-To-Market.  Program involves over 50 workshops with 40 expert advisors across 3 main sprints: Product, Go-To-Market, and Finance – all with a FemTech-specific angle.

The startups of the FemTech Lab Spring 2021 cohort was just annonced. 10 great companies, all working to make an impact in women health & wellness sector.

Looking farward!

Special thanks for the amaizing Katia Lang and Karina Vazirova, the co founders!

Ravid Shechter

Ravid Shechter

Co founder of MyMilk Labs, life science doctor (PhD), and an avid breastfeeding mother

FemTech Lab. Unlocking the blue ocean of female health & wellness for a fairer, better world

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