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Meet MyLee

A milk sensing device and App, for personal feedback on milk supply establishment, and guidance throught the first weeks of breastfeeding

By inserting just several milk drops into the device daily, and app interaction, you can see your day-to-day progress and get personal tips.

The MyLee is in beta testing. You can join! 

Dr. Sharon Haramati interview, Femtech.Live

Dr. Sharon Haramati, interviewed by Femtech.Live as part of FemTech Founder series. Sharon share her personal breastfeeding journey and discuss our motivation, mission and vision at MyMilk to empower breastfeeding mothers through personal feedback and guidance. Great interview.

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Breastfeeding is one of the strongest public health promoters, and globally, almost all new mothers initiate breastfeeding. But although natural, learning to breastfeed is a tough process managed by new mothers mostly alone in their homes.

With MyMilk Labs, MyLee milk sensing device, for the first time ever, a mother can put just a few of her milk drops into the MyLee device, starting from the first days after birth, and get immediate feedback and insights on breastfeeding.

The system is capable of identifying early trends that can eventually lead to low milk supply, the difference in milk supply between breasts or breast inflammation And help the mother to manage these conditions early and avoid unwanted consequence – all in all improving the breastfeeding experience, and increasing mother’s confidence and control.

What motivated you to set up MyMilk Labs?

My first breastfeeding journey was extremely challenging, after a c-section I was hospitalised with my baby. My baby was then detected tongue-tied too late and consequently, I had a low milk supply that took literally months to overcome with hard work, to sustain prolonged good breastfeeding.I knew that I would have done anything to get some control and peace of mind in this tough period. That also drove me to the understanding that I wanted to help other mothers in their breastfeeding journey, through personal, data-powered support.

As avid breastfeeding mothers, we realised that while we were strictly monitored all through our pregnancies, there are no objective tools to assess individual breastfeeding, and as scientists, we understood that breastmilk is a powerful data source that can reflect on mother-baby health and the breastfeeding process itself – but is neglected from practice.

We also learned that 90% of mothers experience breastfeeding difficulties, and 60% report stopping any or exclusive breastfeeding before they intended to, many times due to tough but preventable reasons. This is why we have established MyMilk and the MyLee product, to help mothers like us be proactive about their breastfeeding success through personal feedback, visualization of progress, and personal guidance.

We aim to make the MyLee system available for every new mother, to support self and remote care in this critical period of building a new family. This is an opportunity relevant to all millennial families and touching the lives of 100% of the future population.

Read the full interview

Ravid Shechter

Ravid Shechter

Co founder of MyMilk Labs, life science doctor (PhD), and an avid breastfeeding mother

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