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Meet MyLee

A milk sensing device and App, for personal feedback on milk supply establishment, and guidance throught the first weeks of breastfeeding

By inserting just several milk drops into the device daily, and app interaction, you can see your day-to-day progress and get personal tips.

The MyLee is in beta testing. You can join! 

MyMilk was featured on BBC CLICK!

MyLee was featured on BBC Click, BBC’s flagship technology programme 🎉.

Lara Lweington presented the latest gadgets for babies, with focus on how data can benefit new moms.  

Dr. Sharon Haramati, MyMilk co-founder, explains how the MyLee works, and MyLee testers discuss their experience.  Thank you BBC click for the great comperensive view. 

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Milly Engmann, specialist infant feeding midwife, King’s College Hospital NHS, dicuss the challenges facing new breastfeeding mothers, and impact for data driven solutions. Dr. Sharon Haramati, MyMilk co-founder, explains how the MyLee milk scanner and App works. Maya Dubinsky, Lactation consultant IBCLC, and Einav Alvas, a mum and a Mylee tester, discuss their experience and value gained by the MyLee use.  Thank you BBC click for the great comperensive view. 

Data could help new moms with breastfeeding

Some feel really strongly with wanting to breastfeed but can face challenges.

Milly Engmann explains: ‘Breastfeeding is set that you don’t actually see physical transfer. The process of worrying leads to interventions that then results in reduced breast milk supply.

The Mylee by MyMilk is featured as a smartphone connected scanner, that measures how established breast milk is, via the levels of ions.

Dr. Sharon Haramati explains how it works: ‘Basically, the mother just takes few drops of milk into this tiny milk chamber, and then connects the chamber with the MyLee device, that senses the electro-properties of the milk sample. This information is being transferred directly to the mother’s smartphone to generate immediate insights’.

The algorithm is based on data from over 800 milk samples, and lactation consultants have uploaded details from hundreds of feeds.

‘Usually the device shows me that I was right, but, it might help us see something earlier than the human eye would detect’ Maya Dubinsky, a certified lactation consulatnt (IBCLC), add from her experience with the use of the MyLee.

Mothers also get to see how they getting on. ‘It is very calming, when you get the App and it is all green. It gives you a scientific sign that you are doing OK. Because many time you are doing fine, and its all in your head. But when its not, The MyLee tells you are not’ Einav Alvas, mum and MyLee tester, explain. 

Watch the full baby Gadget part, covering Owlet Smart sock, MyLee by MyMilk (US!!) and Coroflo. Great being featured  next to such great groups and innovations.  Reimagining parenting.

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Ravid Shechter

Ravid Shechter

Co founder of MyMilk Labs, life science doctor (PhD), and an avid breastfeeding mother

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