Letter from MyMilk co-founder

Sharon Haramati

Sharon Haramati

Co founder of MyMilk Labs, life science doctor (PhD), and an avid breastfeeding mother

The MyLee is the first and only milk sensing device and App, for personal feedback and guidance through the first weeks of breastfeeding, with the aim of improving the chances of new mothers to get on the right track to positive breastfeeding experience and good milk flow.

By inserting just several milk drops into the device daily, and app interaction, you can follow you personal goals, see your day-to-day progress and get personal tips and recommendations, and connect with a lactation professional or alike mothers.

The MyLee is in beta testing with dozens of amazing mother. You can join the family today! 

Hi, I’m Sharon, the co-founder of MyMilk, Please take 5 minutes to read about MyMilk, our mission, and the MyLee system. It should really interest you, as a breastfeeding professional and as women.

MyMilk has built the MyLee – a milk sensing device and associated App, for helping to guide mothers through the first weeks of breastfeeding, with the aim of improving the chances of new mothers to get on the right track to positive breastfeeding experience and good milk flow.

How it works

The mother gets a small hand-held device, and downloads the MyLee smartphone App (The MyLee App is currently available only on the Apple Appstore, and a limited number of early device prototypes are available to eligible early testing community members).

The mother on-board the App with few on-boarding questions, including birth date and time.

The mother takes about 5 milk drops into the MyLee milk sensing chamber, and logs the measurement in the MyLee App. This can be done daily, starting from the very first day after birth.

The mother gets immediate insights about her breastfeeding efficiency, status and progress, personalized encouragement, goals and recommendations (The system is NOT measuring milk quality, or milk nutritional composition, It looks at the milk itself, and the dynamic of gradual change from early milk (colostrum) to fully mature milk, as a reflector of the breastfeeding establishment progress).

The mother can choose to answer several additional questions (About feeding, weight gain, mood, confidence, latch, and more) and receive even more personalized tips and insights, that are relevant for her and her baby’s own breastfeeding status and journey.

The mother can then share her unique report with a lactation consultant or get contact details for a lactation consultant directly through the App.

Our tech

We have based the milk sensor technology and scientific rationale over almost a decade of scientific literature about breastmilk indicators of breastfeeding progress, and added our own research and development to build the first reliable, hand held scanner to enable getting feedback about breastfeeding progress. After validating the system in our laboratory with hundreds of milk samples, We have had a successful testing period with lactation consultants that have found the MyLee useful in their face-to-face practice with over 700 mothers.

Then COVID hit, and we got into quarantine, with our kids at home, but we were strong in our mission to help breastfeeding mothers, now mostly isolated in their homes. So we have initiated joining mothers to our testing community, where mothers started using the device prototype and mother-facing App directly in their homes starting from the very first days after birth (some, already at the hospital) and many of them have found it “useful”, “encouraging”, “reassuring”, “helpful” , “intuitive”, “Reliable” and “Amazing”! (you can read users reviews here)

We are working to publish our work in a peer-reviewed scientific journal, so it will be accessible to all professional and non-professional readers in the coming months, because as scientists we think this transparency is very important, but also as a first step towards integrating our solution in health plans directed for new mothers, and enabling self and remote care accessible for all new families.

We know that you may have thoughts, that such tools may perhaps be non-supportive, or harm mother’s confidence in breastfeeding, but we are investing SO MUCH EFFORT to make the tool empathic, intuitive, supportive and friendly, and aligned with OUR NUMBER ONE MISSION, of improving mother’s experience, confidence and peace of mind, in those crazy days and weeks after birth, and help her be informatively and positively proactive in her journey. So far, we get overwhelmingly positive experiences from users. We also constantly strive to learn and improve from those users that we were less successful in assisting

Who are we?

MyMilk was built by us, Sharon haramati and Ravid Shechter, we are Both life science doctors (PhDs) and very Avid breastfeeding mothers (some would say we are breastfeeding ‘fanatics’ having breastfed our children well over 2 years each, overcoming our own share of struggles).
We have dedicated the past NINE years to improving breastfeeding for mothers, through the establishment of MyMilk, focusing on using tech, and unlocking the information within breastmilk for helping mother avoid and overcome common breastfeeding concerns such as breast pain and inflammation and low breastmilk supply (with some focus also on personalized nutrition for breastfeeding mothers). During these years, we have also led a non-for profit activity, driving the establishment of the first human milk bank in Israel, that was eventually fruitful, helping in driving the establishment of the milk bank by the Israeli red-cross organization, today already actively saving the lives of hospitalized premature infants.

We are routinely invited as members and speakers in breastfeeding associated conferences, and national committees, and were invites as reviewers to the journal of breastfeeding medicine.

Raising funds for innovation in breastfeeding has been extraordinarily difficult, so we approach the breastfeeding supporting community, and gracefully ask you all to help us in our purpose of helping mothers be on top, and get feedback, control, support and peace of mind in their breastfeeding journeys.

We have just launched a pre-order campaign to help get the system from the successful prototype stage to commercial availability. AND WE REALLY NEED YOUR HELP.

How can you help?

  • Be kind, we are genuinely here to do good. And we truly believe our tech can make a positive change in the world. We already see it does. We truly care about the mothers that take advantage of our products. We care about breastfeeding. We care about helping mothers have good breastfeeding journeys. You can really be confident about our genuine purposes. We have already transformed the breastfeeding experience of numerous mothers and baby’s and we are determined to keep improving!
  • Help us spread the word. Talk abut the MyLee innovation, help us by becoming an advocate for our mission, tag us and follow our social networks:
  • Help us by encouraging others to join our community in any of the following ways:
    *By placing a pre-order. We plan to be able to ship a device to every iPhone user ASAP. This may take several months. We do however have a limited number of prototype systems, that we can already provide to curious pregnant mothers that love’s tech and want to get the chance to use the system early on.
    *Supporting MyMilk by buying a future voucher, for as soon as the system is commercially available.
    *By joining MyMilk angels – a community of mothers that had certain challenges with breastfeeding and feel they can help peer mothers experiencing similar journeys.
    *By registering on our website to ‘join the family’ and get more info.

    You think you can help the MyMilk community in any other way? Please contact us with ANY suggestion / question.

Thank you for being such a valuable member in the breastfeeding support community!

Sharon Haramati,
Co-founder MyMilk Labs

Contact us, we want to hear from you



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