Be on top of your breastfeeding progress

MyLee by MyMilk labs is a milk sensing device for assessing your breastfeeding progress and help you be proactive and achieve good milk supply

With just a few drops of milk, get immediate feedback, insights and recommendations.

Starting from the first days after birth.

Establishing Breastfeeding is a learning process

By the baby & mother, and physiologically by the mother’s body, and it doesn't happen over-night

Not having enough milk is the main reason that mothers report causing them to stop breastfeeding before they desire.

This is largly preventable with proper early proactivity and care. The MyLee can help you.

Mylee by MyMilk labs motivates you to reach your breastfeeding goals, by becoming AWARE of YOUR breastfeeding effectiveness and breastmilk establishment.

Place 6 breastmilk drops
in the MyLee scanner
Get immediate feedback
and recommendations for
your breastfeeding status
and progress

I'm MyLee

Your trusted companion throughout the first weeks of breastfeeding

MyLee helps you identify early trends that may lead to breastfeeding difficulties, helps manage your routine and get on the right track.

See your progress. Get personal insights


What mothers say about the MyLee

Early testing community members get the Mylee system for tracking how effective is their breastfeeding and tracking milk supply establishment, visualize progress and get support. Each mother in her unique journey.

How Mylee works

Insert 6 drops of your milk into the Mylee milk chamber, for immediate feedback on your breastfeeding progress
Enhance your personal insights, with daily tasks, tips & quizzes 
Daily personal reassurance, tips, alarms and progress visualization.
Share your unique report with  a professional. Get evidence-based guidance. Connect with alike mothers for personal advice

Science backed, Patent pending technology from MyMilk labs.

Mylee by MyMilk labs is a device that senses the electrochemical properties of a tiny human milk sample. This information is then transmitted to your smartphone App, and is processed by MyMilk cloud-based algorithm for computing milk sample status and progress, generating personal insights and alarms.


Lactation consultants joined our early professional testing group and used the LC- facing system in their routine practice, with over 700 mothers

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Want to give your breastfeeding a better start?

Learn more about our current testing community, and find out if you are eligible to get a MyLee prototype to your home before birth


MyMilk was built with the mission to help every mother in her breastfeeding journey,
right from the very beginning

MyMilk was built by us, Sharon haramati and Ravid Shechter, Both life science doctors (PhDs) and very passionate breastfeeding mothers.
We have dedicated the past NINE years to improving breastfeeding for mothers, through the establishment of MyMilk, focusing on using tech, and unlocking the information within breastmilk for helping mother avoid and overcome common breastfeeding concerns such as breast pain and inflammation and low breastmilk supply. During these years, we have also led a non-for profit activity, promoting the establishment of the first human milk bank in Israel.

MyLee - Be on top of your breastfeeding progress | Product Hunt

Be part of the FemTech movement

Developing innovative solutions for women, helping them to take control over their own health and wellness.

Raising funds for innovation in breastfeeding has been extraordinarily difficult, and we have now decided it is time to approach the breastfeeding supporting community, and gracefully ask you all to help us in our purpose of helping mothers be on top, and get feedback, control, support and piece of mind in their breastfeeding journeys.

We truly believe our tech can make a positive change in the world. We already see it does. Join our mission and help us get the system from the successful prototype stage to commercial availability.

MyLee system is not a medical device, and is not intended to diagnose or treat any clinical condition, or to substitute for a healthcare provider’s consultation.
These reports are not intended to tell you anything about your or your baby’s current state of health, or to be used to make medical decisions, including whether or not you should take a medical treatment. Our insights can help you monitor and manage your breastfeeding care and milk supply, and provide suggestions for improving the breastfeeding mom’s care. It is advised to consult with a lactation consultant or a medical health provider about your reports.

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