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Disclaimer and Consent

  1. general

The use of the MyMilk Services and the information provided on the Site and within the Services are at your own risk and in your sole discretion. In order for you to make a decision regarding the use of the Services and to knowingly choose whether to use the Services offered and to rely on the information provided to you, please read carefully what is stated in this disclaimer. 
The use of the services and ordering of the sampling kit as well as the filling of the questionnaires constitute your consent to the contents of this document as well as to the use of the mother’s milk samples. 

  1. Base assumptions regarding the services of Maymilk

The tests conducted in the mother’s milk are conducted for Mimilk in one of the most advanced laboratories in Israel, which meets all the required standards and which holds all the regulatory approvals required for its operations. 
However, it is important to know that there are currently no international standards for the testing of levels of components in breast milk (for example, as opposed to blood or urine tests). An important component of the revolutionary and advanced service that MayMilk offers is the development of testing processes, the creation of new processes or the integration of existing processes, as well as the development of standardization of results, the determination of reference values, and the attribution of specific recommendations. The Company has invested and continues to invest considerable efforts and resources in the development of the examination procedures and validation of the reference values. However, it is important to remember that R & D is in progress and therefore there may be changes from time to time in the examination process or in the manner in which the results or the reference values ​​are analyzed. 
In addition, the recommendations made on the basis of the results of the tests are determined by the professional-scientific team of the company, with great care for the accuracy of the information, based on findings reported in the high scientific literature, standards in breast milk banks, official protocols accepted by the world’s competent authorities, National and international health, etc. These are updated from time to time, and MayMilk will act accordingly to update its recommendations accordingly: The field of research regarding breast milk is a constant process of development, and the Company is one of the leading companies in its field. 
Meimilk does not undertake that even careful monitoring of the recommendations will necessarily lead to a change in the mother’s milk or to the expected change. 
In addition, the services are intended for nursing mothers between the ages of 20-45 and mothers of infants aged 1-6 months. This does not mean that the site can not be used or enjoyed many of the contents that appear in it. However, the research that underlies the services is aimed at mediating these ages. If you are outside of the specified age mediator we will not be able to make use of the existing research base and provide you with results based on a proper scientific basis and therefore we recommend not using the test service at this time. If you are outside the age range specified above and still wish to use the Services please contact us in writing at the following address: so that we may advise youindividually about the test. 

  1. Our basic assumptions regarding examination and use of the test, general recommendations and qualifications

In the sample kit that will be sent to you (after completion of the registration on the site and receipt of payment by us) there are detailed instructions for the method of sampling and the use of the kit. In order to make use of the test and to provide you with as accurate a result as possible, you must follow the instructions accurately. In addition, the evaluation is transferred to you after sterilization process and therefore should be used as close as possible after opening it. The sampling glass should be opened as close as possible to the sampling date, and in no case should the caps of the tubes attached to the kit be opened. Finally, in order to be able to use the sample, we have to get back to the laboratory with a complete kit, without any fractures or defects that could cause the contamination of the test, and it was stored and stored according to the guidelines. Under each of these we will not be able to use the sample. Failure to comply with the instructions regarding the use of storage and forwarding will affect the results and their validity. Therefore, the Company does not make any undertaking with respect to the results, the accuracy or accuracy of the results, and agrees that the Company shall not be responsible in any way for the results, the use it will make of the results, or the reliance on the results. The Company shall not be liable for any damage, direct or indirect, caused or may be caused to you or your baby as a result of the direct or indirect establishment of the results. 
The laboratory may not be able to process your sample, for example if the milk given in the sample is not sufficient volume or the process does not meet the company’s standards for accuracy, and there may be errors in the laboratory testing process. MayMilk takes reasonable measures acceptable to the industry to make sure that the information on the site is correct and accurate as possible. However, there may be an error, error or inaccuracy in the information or the way it is transmitted to you, and hereby declares that you know this and hereby exempts Meimilk or the information providers On its behalf, any responsibility and liability in relation thereto. And you are not entitled to a refund for these errors. 

The sampling results are based on the information provided by you with the registration process. You must provide real, accurate and accurate information as much as possible. Providing misinformation or misinformation may result in bias in results, deviation from reference values, or misrepresentation. 
In any case, it is important to know that in any case, no repeat or second tests will be performed. A standard kit is checked by us only once. 

The nutritional reference values ​​shown are usually determined, unless otherwise stated, in a manner appropriate for healthy, timely, fully-breasted infants between the ages of 4 weeks and 6 months and may not be appropriate for your baby’s age or specific dietary or medical needs. 
The recommendations that you will receive after the completion of the examination of the sample kit that will be transferred to the Company are based on the information that will be provided in the questionnaires. It is not obligatory to fill out the questionnaires, but not completing the questionnaires will cause us to be unable to provide tailored recommendations. The recommendations are based on the assumption that the mother and baby are healthy and have no special sensitivities or physiological limitations. Dietary recommendations are for a breastfeeding woman for about three months, normal health, height, and weight, and may not be appropriate for individual dietary needs of certain women. The recommendations are for mothers who are breastfeeding a healthy baby born on time. In any case, it is important to remember that the purpose of the recommendations is to provide the user with tools for general evaluation only, according to the data that the user fed in the fields designated for this purpose . 
The general recommendations are intended to feed a healthy baby born on time. In the case of premature feeding, a hospitalized or sick child, check the recommended health care guidelines. The results of the test in any case do not indicate the amount / absorption / level of the various components of the baby’s body that is nourished by the milk and does not indicate its health or possible deficiencies in the mother or the health of the baby. In no case are these results directly or indirectly directed to stop breastfeeding or breast feeding pumped. It is our opinion that mother’s milk is the baby’s favorite food unless otherwise instructed by a personal caregiver. 

The results and recommendations presented are general recommendations only. They are based on an algorithm and do not replace personal medical recommendations that can only be given by a personal caregiver (nurse, doctor, nursing counselor, dietitian) after performing all the necessary personal tests . It is your responsibility to exercise discretion according to the circumstances, consult with a physician or other caregiver if necessary, and not rely solely on the results presented and the general recommendations . 

It is important to emphasize that acceptance of the general recommendations given along with the results does not indicate that no further actions or tests are required to prevent morbidity or improve your health or your baby. You understand that the general information provided to you in no way constitutes a substitute for your request for medical advice or other personal care provider and you will have no claim or demand from Meimilk for the use you make of the recommendations. 

  1. There is no substitute for medical advice on the site or services

You know that the information on the site or the services is not “medical advice” or a substitute for such advice, general or specific, that takes into account the specific data and needs of each customer, and does not constitute a substitute for medical examinations. You agree and agree that the contents of any professional publications published on the site do not constitute advice or provide an opinion on the matter or substitute for medical advice or other personal treatment (nurse, nutritionist, nursing counselor or other personal caregiver). Professional and structured system from an authorized entity that will examine all relevant personal data of the user . In any case where there is a medical problem, there is a suspicion that it exists with the mother or baby, the user’s sole responsibility is to consult with a personal caregiver immediately. 

  1. Obligations and consent

In order to enable us to provide the Services, you must undertake and declare as follows:

  1. Information learned through the site is not intended for the purposes of self-diagnosis, prevention or treatment of diseases or for health diagnosis in the absence of other medical or clinical information. You understand that while the company may diagnose or suggest treatment or possible change in the habit of nutrition, this should be verified and supplemented with medical information and individual consultation with a qualified doctor, nurse, nutritionist or nursing counselor. The company urges you to consult a doctor or other medical provider if you have any questions or concerns regarding the milk test .
  2. You give the Company and anyone acting on its behalf permission to perform milk tests on the milk sample and you ask the Company to disclose this information and the results of the examination to you and the others you have approved.
  3. You confirm that you are between the ages of 20-45 and that you give a sample and authorize us to analyze and test the sample in our laboratories. If you confirm these Terms of Use on behalf of another woman for which you have legal authority to perform these acts, you confirm that you have such authority and that the sample is provided by a woman who meets the conditions in these Terms of Use and that the sample is given voluntarily, knowingly and without coercion.
  4. If you are outside the borders of the State of Israel, you confirm that this action is not subject to import prohibitions from the country in which you live or from which you receive the service. And you confirm that you have demonstrated that the transfer and any processing of information may be transferred or processed outside of the country in which you live or receive the service. It is hereby clarified that it may not be possible to transfer the sampling or the results in accordance with the provisions of the law or regulation that apply in any case and you agree that the Company will have no obligation in such a case.
  5. You warrant that you are not a company engaged in data collection or analysis, insurance company, private detective, employer or other entity trying to obtain information about a woman through the site and services.
  6. You are aware that the information you will receive as a result of the sample analysis is of a very personal and sensitive nature.
  7. You take responsibility for all possible consequences of sharing your account or lab results with others, and the information you have provided to the site.
  8. You understand that all of your personal information will be stored in the company’s database and will be processed in accordance with the company’s privacy policy and by law.
  9. You understand that by supplying samples and processing the specimen or providing additional information about yourself, you have no right to research or commercial product that may be developed by the Company or that the Company will improve with the information you have provided.You will not receive any compensation or money for any research or commercial product that will include the results of the information from your test or from information you have provided yourself to the site.
  10. You hereby declare that you have the authority, under the laws of the State of Israel and under the laws of the country in which you live or receive the Service, to secure and maintain such representations and warranties. In the event of a breach, the Company has the right to freeze or terminate your account and refuse any or all of your current or future use of the Services. And you will indemnify the Company against any demand, cost or damage caused to it due to a breach of the representations and warranties above.

Finally, in order to continue the research in which the company deals with and improve its services offered to you and others you give your explicit and irrevocable consent to the company to make use of the sample residues, if any after completion of the test and the analysis for which the sample was given, for research and development of the company. The Company shall be entitled to make full use of the sampling remains in its sole discretion and for its research and / or commercial purposes, and there shall be no claim regarding such use provided that the Company’s use of the specimen will be in a manner that does not identify you or infringe your privacy in accordance with the Company’s privacy policy, According to any law.