My Survival Kit

Your life saving hack, anywhere, anytime

Mymilk protects your health. At the tough moments of life. We are there for you.

What’s in My Survival Kit

Carry-on bag
Small Light weight carry on bag. Black for men. Available in colors [Black/White]
Death-defying capsules
Macrolide antibiotics. For wide bacterial infections. widely used to treat chest infections such as pneumonia, infections of the nose and throat such as sinus infection (sinusitis), skin infections, and some sexually transmitted infections. Direct to consumer, Doctor ordered prescription.
Citronella clouds
Bug repellent bracelets. Available in colors [Blue/Pink].
Energy and immune boost
MultiVitamins, Zinc, Vitamin C (Pills), and Placebo spray (Propolis and Echinacea) to boost your immune and mind.
Urine stick, for daily check of your hydration status. Do not let dehydration take you by surprise.

Oh, the places you'll go!

A 5min must read, by Dr. Seuss

Get Your survival kit Today. At your doorstep. Seriously.

Protect a loved one.

MyMilk tests and reports are not intended to diagnose or treat any clinical condition, or to substitute for a healthcare provider’s consultation.
MyMilk test and reports are not intended to diagnose or treat any clinical condition, or to provide a medical recommendation and does not substitute the advice of your health care provider (lactation consultant, doctor, or nurse). These reports are not intended to tell you anything about your or your baby’s current state of health, or to be used to make medical decisions, including whether or not you should take a medication or how much of a medication you should take. Our reports can identify potential nutritional deficiencies in breast milk and provide suggestions for improving the breastfeeding mom’s nutrition. It is advised to consult with a nutritionist or a medical health provider before making any nutritional changes. Furthermore, nutritional supplements should not be taken without consulting with a physician.

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