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Early testing community. MyMIlk Scanner user guide for moms. version Jan2020
App VERSION CONTROL. Build 27. Version does NOT support Ob/GYN log, and care team contact & data sharing with a lactation consultant.


Navigate your breastfeeding, informatively

A milk sensing device to track your breastfeeding

The first days to weeks of breastfeeding are really important for breastfeeding success and the ability to sustain exclusive or any breastfeeding.
Mylee motivates YOU to reach YOUR breastfeeding goals, by becoming AWARE of YOUR breastmilk establishment progress.

YOUR GOAL: Reach 100% maturation withing the first 3 weeks after birth. You can do it!
The process of milk maturation takes several weeks, with sharp changes in the first days after birth. The Mylee gives the first objective bio-feedback on YOUR breastfeeding establishment. It helps you to see YOUR milk supply establishment in real-time, detect differences between breasts, get early reassurance cues of breastfeeding adequacy, or early indications for potential problems when needed. Performing, early and corrective measures, can help you reach your breastfeeding goals.  




1. First, download the Mylee App.
Download the App and register. Record baby birth date and HOUR accurately.

2. Activate your MyMilk Scanner, and Start scanning
Go to My Scan screen and register your scanner device barcode. Start to scan tiny breast milk sample (about 0.3ml). Perform daily milk scans, from each breast separately, starting from the first day after birth. Do not miss your early feedback!

3. Start tracking your milk supply status
See your milk results in My Insights screen. Track each breast maturation dynamics, get color index, tips and alarms based on your status.

4. Get involved
Track daily data about your breastfeeding practice & your baby in My Day screen, and get personal tips and alarms in My Insight screen. The more you track, the personal it gets.

It is recommended to perform daily scans, to track your process. According to a Stanford Medical study, hand expression in the first days (more than five times) in addition to breastfeeding was found to encourage breast milk production and improve milk intake.

How Mylee works

Scan your milk. Track your breastfeeding. Get personal insights

Scan a tiny milk sample by the Mylee scanner, each breast separatly, and get an immediate feedback on YOUR breastfeeding establishment progress
Enhance your personal insights, with daily tasks, tips & quizzes. The more you record, the personal it gets.
Daily personal reassurance, tips, alarms and progress visualization.
Share your unique report with  a lactation consultant, and get evidence-based guidance. Connect with alike mothers for advice


1. App download and use

DOWNLOAD TEST APP. This is a closed beta version, so the App is not on the Appstore. You will get a personal invitation via email.
Download the test platform App “Testflight” from the Appstore. Go to the email you received from Testflight and press View in TestFlight. Download the MyLee App.

Open the MyLee App, Press Join, and create your account. Password should be at least 8 digit long. Complete you profile data. 
Very important! Enter baby birth date and hour accurately.
App Registration should be done after birth.

APP USE. My Day screen is where you insert scans and add any additional information about your breastfeeding and your baby.
My Scan screen is the Scanner control screen, where the scans are recorded.
My Insight screen is where the scan results appear, and any other insights, tip, alarms and charts integrating the info you provided and the milk scans. The more info you provide daily, the more insights will appear. Scroll down to see charts present results and data progress with time. 
My Care team is a link to support team, lactation consultants, alike mothers and MyMilk team. We are all here to support you on your journey.

2. Activate and use Scanner
In Mylee App, Go to settings (Top, right) and press MyMilk Scanner, and Register your device barcode and press Apply. Your device barcode appears in on the User Instructions provided in the box. You can scan barcode via the barcode reader to avoid typing errors.

GET STARTED. Insert milk sample into the chamber (about 0.3ml). Make sure the inner sensing chamber is filled. It is filled when the sample emerges through the slit in the milk sensing chamber. Wait 3 seconds until number stabilizes on the scanner screen. Each Breast is screened separately.

RECORD. Go to right/Left scan task on My Day screen, and record the value on the My Scan screen. Take a good look at the scanner screen- If x10 mark appears, add a zero to the number you record. Save the read.
Go to My Insights to get your milk maturation status and insights.

WASH. Between measurements, and after use, flush the milk sampling chamber under tap water. Avoid wetting the Scanner itself. Tap lightly on drying paper to remove water drops from the sensing chamber. (no soap, no boiling water).a

Play Video

MyMilk Scanner

Read the Scanner User Guide to learn how to performe milk scan, record the result, and wash the scanner.

The Mylee App

Read the APP User Guide to install the App, get started, and to learn all about Mylee screens and features.


We constantly seek to improve our system, so we apologize for any glitch! let us know if you have any problem. We are here to help.

We build our early testing community to learn how to get better. We need to get your feedback, good and bad, questions or remarks, to improve our device and the experience of mothers like you. You can send us questions, videos and screenshots. Every mom is different – As much as you share with us your specific use case, the more we learn! Thank you for joining our Early testing community

contact us Directly via the app chat via My Care Team screen or via email

System is Not intended for diagnosis or treatment of any medical condition, and the information provided is not a medical advice. In any concern about your breastfeeding, your baby or your own health, contact your healthcare provider. Avoid contact of device with nipple or breast. Do not use milk that came in contact with device parts. KEEP AWAY FROM CHILDREN It is highly advised to use Mylee App while in close contact with your lactation consultant.