We believe in Data.
Numbers. Evidence. Proof.

We are advocates of science.

  • Our technology was developed based on academic scientific data, and validated by in-house generated numbers.
  • Our algorithm integrates science based general rules.
  • Our research team and collaborations advance human milk science.

Our technology is backed by science.

We are scientists. It’s all about the science. We build our technology, based on solid academic research. Breastmilk and breastfeeding individual monitoring is a new field, and we had to generate new science-based technological solutions in order to bring you our solution.  Our laboratory procedures, our algorithm, is all backed by solid academic articles, health authorities’ reports, and clinical protocols.

We are not just fed by available public science, but also constantly advance human milk science, generating new discoveries, new links, integrated back to our algorithms and work. Altogether, we generate data powered monitoring tools, transforming your breast milk and personal information, to actionable insights relevant for YOU.

Science for all.

Numerous research papers in human milk and breastfeeding, but almost none translated to mothers’ solutions. We are here to Bridge the gaps between academic research and practice. To bring you the science, in a way it matters. We transform academic data, health authorities’ reports, clinical protocols, and our own data to actionable insights. For You. For Your baby. For Your breastfeeding success.

Many questions. Not enough answers.

We aim at accelerating meaningful discoveries.

We know that great discoveries come from joined efforts, and need you to take part. Together we can transform each of our individual dots into significant scientific discoveries. Discover correlation, understand phenomena, reveal links. We transform this data to actionable insights for You. As much as we learn, we can give back more to you and other new breastfeeding moms. Helping them to sustain successful breastfeeding, reduce breastfeeding related complications, and support baby’s and mother health.

Be curious. Make a difference.

Share your breastfeeding journey.

The more we understand our selves, the more we can advance our lives. Take a part. Complete your profile. Fill in records. Track habits. Together, you and others will generate evidence. Science. Practical solutions. All with the aim of advancing breastfeeding success, and infant health.