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Early testing community. MyMIlk Scanner user guide for moms. version Jan2020



MyMilkScan SYSTEM is a new development by MyMIlk Laboratories LTD, intended for early feedback on breastfeeding and milk dynamics.  System includes hand held Breast milk SCANNER, for SENSING A TINY SAMPLE OF YOUR BREAST MILK and mobile App for recording SOME PERSONAL INFORMATION, and for generating personal insights.

! system is not intended for direct touch with the mother’s breast, and Milk is dismissed after scan.  KEEP AWAY FROM CHILDREN.

Detailed instructions of use is provided in the kit. The use of the Mylee system and the information provided on the App are at your own risk and in your sole discretion.


The registration to the App or the use of mymilk scanner, constitute your consent to the follows:​

You understand that Mylee DEVICE AND SOFTWARE ARE NOT INTENDED FOR DIAGNOSIS OR TREATING ANY MEDICAL CONDITION in the mother or baby, and can be considered as a supportive information only, for promoting healthy lifestyle.

You understand that the Content provided in the App is NOT intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice. The company urges you to seek the advice of a lactation consultant or other health provider if you have any questions or concerns. System is secondary to personal caregiver routine practice and advice. In any discrepancy between the system and the caregiver, follow your care giver advice. 

You ACKNOWLEDGE THAT THE DEVICE AND ITS USE ARE IN BETA TESTING AND SUBJECTED TO DEVELOPMENT AND CHANGES.  This means that the scanning results, and the information provided may be inaccurate or wrong, and are subject to improvements that may lead to significant changes of the result interpretation. MyMilk will not be responsible for any use of the data.

You confirm that You are willing to scan milk samples, and give MyMIlk Laboratories LTD the permission to  perform the analysis. You are aware that the information as a result of the sample analysis is of a personal nature.

By using the mylee system you choose to disclose, voluntarily, knowingly to MYMILK LABORATORIES, PERSONAL IDENTIFIERS (such as name, e-mail, ID,) and personal HEALTH INFORMATION such as DATES, and other information regarding my breastfeeding practice, my baby status and my pregnancy history.  You are NOT obligated to disclose any of the information, and can choose what information to include. This information is used by the system algorithm, and therefore you understand that the information provided affect the outcome. All of your non-identifiable, and identifiable information will be stored in the company’s database and will be processed in accordance with the company’s privacy policy.

Failure to comply with the instructions of use of the device, or providing misinformation via the App, may affect the results and their validity, and therefore the company should not be held responsible in any way for the results, or their use.

Your personal identity will be kept confidential by all those involved and will not be published in any publication. You give your explicit and irrevocable consent to make use of the information collected at the system, in a de-identified manner (ANONYMOUSLY) and/or aggregated form (in a manner that does not identify you or violate your right to privacy) for the improvement of the tool,  educational, marketing, and research and development purposes by MyMilk Laboratories. 

All the property rights belong to MyMilk Laboratories. You understand that your participation in the pilot and/or use of the system does not entitle you any rights in the intellectual property or products developed. You are hereby confirm that you are not in contact with a company or other entity attempting to obtain information about the technologies or intellectual property of MyMilk Laboratories.

Early testing community members recieve free-of-charge device and are obligated to return it after 30 days of use, starting from activation date via the App (but you can get an approval for an extended period for use). By the end of the approved period, you are being asked to recommend a friend, and pass the device to a new expecting mom, or to return the scanner to MyMilk Laboratories (Havazelet Hasharon 37, Herzeliya).

You free to choose not to use the system at any time. You hereby declare that you have given you consent at free will and understand all of the above, and chose participate and to use the system.

The use of the Mylee system is subjected to the term of use and company privacy policy, as provided in the website and App. 

You can directly approached mymilk at with any questions regarding the system or its use.

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