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Almost every mother initiate breastfeeding. This is over 85% of new moms. 104 million women globally each year. 3.2 Million in Us alone. Out of each 10 women, 9 will have breastfeeding difficulties, 7 will face pain, 4 will struggle with milk supply, and overall 6 out of each 10 women stop breastfeeding before they desire. Only 2 out of 10 women stand with health authorities recommendation for exclusivity and duration of breastfeeding.

MyMilk is all about empowering breastfeeding mothers. Hear mothers’ stories.

"My daughter was 5 months old when I took MyMilk test. I exclusive breastfed her, and since her diet was solely dependent on my milk, I was interested to know my own milk nutritional value. Moreover, as I am vegan, I was concerned that specific vitamins are deficient in my blood and milk, and I wondered if I should be supplemented. In the test I revealed that all is good, except for a small reduction in B12 levels. Following the test, I started to take vitamin supplements, and I also checked my blood to reveal my own deficiencies. Today my daughter is 1 year old, and I still breastfeed her. Motherhood is accompanied by many concerns, a simple test can reduce the concern regarding your baby nutrition, and thus I see it as important. The test really calmed me down, and made me feel certain regarding my daughter nutrition. As I recommend all my friends to breastfeed, I would recommend them to do this test!"
Tal Even-Chen
Vegan mom
"As nutrition and health are close to my heart, I check the nutritional value of every processed food that I buy. Breast milk does not come with nutritional facts, and is of course not a processed food, but rather a superfood, the best food for our baby just as nature made it. Still, it was great to know, by MyMilk help, what my own milk contains. does it really supply all the nutritional needs of my baby? The vitamins, fat, and more. Thank you for letting me really see that my milk has all is needed"
Efrat Manor Havshush
Dietician and a mother
"Hillel is my second baby. I breastfed my big son almost 3 years. As a mom, I know, that every baby is different, and as such, also, each breastfeeding is different. Hillel breastfeeding was accompanied by many challenges. I did not get appropriate maternity leave, and it was a much more stressful period than after the birth of my first. I cannot say that I strictly monitor my diet as I used to. I wanted to know if there is any deficiency or even some imbalances. MyMilk test results confirmed deficiencies that I assumed to be existent, but have now gotten my attention and care. I am intended to continue breastfeeding, as long as it fits us both. Without time limitations"
Limor Amitsur
A mother of 2 babies
"I was transferred from one doctor to the other. Each one had a different explanation to my condition. In the third time that I got sick and had fever, and the doctor prescribed antibiotics AGAIN, I decided, that before I takes antibiotics for the third time in three months, I need to do MyMilk culture test. The results were shocking. I do not have any bacteria!!! The meaning was that probably, all the antibiotics I got was unnecessary, and in my case, I had a noninfectious condition and the treatment should have been different. My son is 5 months old, and I’m still breastfeeding him. To any one that feel doubts and lost in this complex maze of breastfeeding and pain, I recommend taking breast milk test for pain origin. It can assist your healthcare provider choosing the appropriate treatment to your own case."
Yona Abramovich


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MyMilk tests and reports are not intended to diagnose or treat any clinical condition, or to substitute for a healthcare provider’s consultation.
MyMilk test and reports are not intended to diagnose or treat any clinical condition, or to provide a medical recommendation and does not substitute the advice of your health care provider (lactation consultant, doctor, or nurse). These reports are not intended to tell you anything about your or your baby’s current state of health, or to be used to make medical decisions, including whether or not you should take a medication or how much of a medication you should take. Our reports can identify potential nutritional deficiencies in breast milk and provide suggestions for improving the breastfeeding mom’s nutrition. It is advised to consult with a nutritionist or a medical health provider before making any nutritional changes. Furthermore, nutritional supplements should not be taken without consulting with a physician.

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